Are you a motivated seller? See if any of these apply to you

Are you looking to buy a home, but you don't qualify?

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Are you a motivated seller? See if any of these apply to you


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Are you sick and tired of courts, evictions, collections, late notices, chasing your money, repairs, wage attachments and appeals?

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I was stuck in a rut, as a tenant, and never thought I could have my own home until I contacted ROINS. They got me out of my rut and made me a homeowner. I am forever thankful to them.
Dana Bailey
I inherited a home in another state and it was impossible for me to travel there and take care of it or trust anyone else to do it for me. I contacted ROINS and they took that problem off of my hands and I made money on it. Super easy transaction for me because they handled everything.
David Larsen
My husband and I could not qualify for a conventional mortgage, but ROINS offered us so many solutions we didn't know existed and we chose the one that worked for us. It was a great experience.
Mary Wells